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Wilcox All-Pro

Pointed and Fine Pointed Trowel - Stainless Steel

Pointed and Fine Pointed Trowel - Stainless Steel

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Gardener's Pointed Trowel and Fine Point Trowel - 10"

Gardener's Pointed Trowel - 10"

Great for fine cultivating, the 10" All-Pro Gardener's Special Trowel features stainless-steel construction, a smooth, narrow blade, a comfortable plastic grip, and a sharp, sturdy one-piece design for easy digging. 

  • 2 1/2" W x 10" L
  • Leather wrist strap
  • Depth gauge on blade
  • Stainless steel
  • Easy to clean
  • Made in the USA

Fine Point Trowel - 10"

Wilcox's fine point digging trowel is perfect for precision when digging around your plants. 

Wilcox's digging trowel is a durable one-piece design. This trowel features sharp points for easy cutting and has an easy to clean surface. Since it is made with heavy-duty stainless still, it won't bend or break. The handle is plastic with ribbing and grooves, so it fits comfortably in your hand.

  • Leather wrist strap
  • 10"
  • Rugged Heavy Duty 16 Ga. Stainless Steel
  • Sharp pointed end
  • Made in the USA
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