Ever since I was a little girl, gardening has been a big part of my life. I was always helping my Grandma JoAnn and Grandpa John in the garden planting beets or picking green beans. I also liked helping make pickles in Great Grandma Josie’s kitchen. When I wasn’t helping Grandma and Grandpa, I was helping my Dad. 

Once when I was about 5 my dad had plowed the garden. In front of me was this beautifully tilled plot, so smooth and beautiful. I hopped through that beautiful earth and made perfect footprints! I was so proud of my footprints, I yelled “look dad, I made footprints!" I remember my dad saying “I just planted seeds there!” -oops, sorry Dad. 

Amanda getting a ride in a wheelbarrow from her dad

We also had geese in a pen, I remember trying to look at them through a slit in the fence. Then BAM! The goose got my nose. I ran to the house crying, holding my nose, and screaming “THE GOOSE BIT MY NOSE OFF!" I really thought one of our geese had bit my nose off. When I got into the house, my mom pried my hands off of my face, and by golly my nose was still there. My brother and everyone else still teases me to this day!

Grady helping his Great Grandma pick cucumbers

I want other people to have these kinds of memories and to be able to create them with their loved ones. (Well maybe not the goose one!) I was able to create these kinds of memories with my kids. From container gardening on our balcony, to having a neighborhood pea patch to finally owning our own home and having our very own front yard garden. Every step in between was a challenge and I want to help alleviate some of the challenges you may have that I had as my gardening adventure made twists and turns.

Grady and Esther picking pears


By selling products only made in the USA, I am able to support my neighbors near and far. What a wonderful thing we could create together by helping each other follow our dreams.

This little idea of a business has really become a family bonding and memory making experience. My 19 year old daughter, Abigail, has been a big help with the website. My 12 year old Grady, Fat Cat’s stock boy, has been on this ride from the beginning. While balancing online school, he has been right alongside me learning how to build a business. My Mom has helped a lot, especially with encouragement and ideas (really she just comes to help for the drinks). My partner, Dylan and my Dad…their love for me and seeing how much they believe in me has really made this special.

Abigail taking pictures in the garden


Grady keeping us organized

Now it is time to get out into the garden and get some Home Grown Dirt Therapy!