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Outdoor Garden Kit - Vertical Garden

Outdoor Garden Kit - Vertical Garden

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Outdoor Varden Kit - Vertical Garden

Varden vertical gardening kit at 2' wide x 3' tall each and ships in a fun, informative and re-usable box. Complete with all components needed for outdoor install. Includes wire panel cut to size, 6 pieces of empty Vardensok mesh for filling with garden soil, cardboard tube for easy sock filling, 12 Varden trays, pre-cut irrigation supply line with fittings, 6 drip lines with fittings attached and 4 wire mounting cleats for easy attachment to walls, fences, posts, etc. Made in the USA.

  • Grow Food! Carefully designed for plant health and root resiliency, allowing you to grow leafy greens, herbs, and other edibles without being concerned about the vegetation becoming root bound!
  • Expandable! The kit is modular and can be expanded to fit any configuration you desire!
  • Easy to Install! Everything you need to know to successfully install your Varden is included right on the box! The template makes the installation timely and effective!
  • Easy to Plant and Irrigate! Planting with our Varden kit is quick and simple. Each tray cradles and irrigates a planting media filled mesh sock we call Vardensoks. They provide aeration and soil mass to ensure great plant health for your chosen species. Vardensoks are easily planted and our written and video instructions will show you how.
  • Made in the USA
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