Container growing peas

Come and Grow Some Peas

Growing Peas are fun and easy. They do well when it is cooler, so they are able to be planted a few weeks before your other vegetables that are susceptible to frost. Plus, it gets you excited for your summer garden!

What you will need:

  • Container or garden bed
  • Soil 
  • Trellis - you can use your fence line, a couple of stakes with twine in between (make sure you use a cotton twine - it will compost) or sticks - get creative!
  • Pea seeds - There are different varieties, so choose your favorite! I like the Sugar Snap Peas, they are yummy to snack on while you are playing in the dirt.

Step One: Prepping Your Seeds and Soil

Some gardeners soak their seeds for a day before planting - this kick starts the seeds. I plant mine straight from the package, I find it easier. Try it both ways and see which way you like best!

Fill your container with soil or prepare your garden beds. To prepare your beds, just get the weeds out and I always add some manure of some kind (Rabbit Poo - Black Gold! or a bag of manure from the nursery works too.)

Prepped soil in a long garden box with a metal trellis to grow peas.

Step Two: Planting Your Seeds

Poke a hole in the soil about an inch deep and a couple of inches apart. Cover with soil and water. If you are container gardening - these planters are awesome to plant peas in and you can put them next to your fence to use as a trellis. 

Pea seeds resting in a hole in a garden bed, ready to be covered with soil.

Step ThreeKeep Watered

Make sure you water your peas if the soil becomes dry. Now we wait!

You should see sprouts peaking out of the soil in one or two weeks!

Peas sprouting in the garden


Peas growing in a raised garden bed

As my peas grow, I try to help them a little. Sometimes if I don't help their little feelers find the trellis, they start growing all together and get bunched up. 

Peas growing up the trellis, getting taller and stronger.

Guess what we have?! Our peas have blooms and yummy pods! It is time to snack while working in the garden!

Pea flower, the plant is ready to produce pods from the flowers.
Pea pod growing on a vine on a trellis.

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Until next time, go get in your garden and get some of that home grown dirt therapy!


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