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EarthBox Staking System

EarthBox Staking System

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EarthBox® Staking System

The EarthBox® Staking System is the easiest way to grow tomatoes and other crops in your EarthBox® Gardening System. Each Staking System provides structural support for a variety of fruit and vegetables, allowing you to grow nearly any crop vertically with ease. It assembles quickly - and is designed to fit perfectly with the Original EarthBox® System. Grow tall or vining crops such as tomatoes, beans, cucumbers—even melons or winter squash—with ease. Each size is tried, true and tested in our company EarthBox® Garden.

Please Note: The EarthBox®  Staking System will not work with the 1st generation EarthBox® .

Take your EarthBox® Gardening System to new heights with three different sized staking systems:

  • 3 ft. Staking System - Provides optimal support to reinforce your peppers, eggplants, determinate bush-variety tomatoes, and other vegetables or fruit that typically reach a maximum height of 3-4 ft. When assembled, the total height is 30.75” (with casters) and 28.25” (without casters)
  • 5 ft. Staking System - to grow vining or sprawling plants like tomatoes, cucumbers, winter squash, melons, beans, pumpkins, and more. When assembled, the total height is 58” (with casters) and 55.75” (without casters)
  • 7 ft. Staking System - to extend the growth of your vining plants, especially indeterminate cherry/grape tomato varieties. When assembled, the total height is 85.5” (with casters) and 83” (without casters)


  • 1-Year, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back
  • Easy Assembly, Put Together in Minutes
  • High-Strength, Durable Aluminum Components
  • Perfect for Growing Vining Crops
  • Made in the USA

What's Included:

EarthBox® Staking System includes:

  • 2 Durable Plastic Outriggers with Built-In Caster Sockets
  • 2 Non-Locking Casters
  • 2 Grey Rim Clamps with Stainless Steel Hardware
  • 2 Grey T-Connectors
  • 3 Straight Aluminum Poles
  • 2 Crimped-End Aluminum Poles (5 ft. Staking System Only)
  • 4 Crimped-End Aluminum Poles (7 ft. Staking System Only)
  • 1 Trellis Net (5 ft. & 7 ft. Staking System Only)
  • Instructional Manual

Each staking system can be made fully mobile with the EarthBox® Caster Kit standard 4/pk (sold separately). If you already have an Original Staking System, additional height may be added to the 3 ft. and 5 ft. staking systems with the EarthBox® Staking System Extension Kit (sold separately).

Please note: The Staking System is not compatible with the 1st Generation Original EarthBox Gardening System.

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